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2015-2016 Trends & Predictions in Data, Apps and IoT

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On Page 9 of report:
Mobile video traffic now accounts for more than half of all mobile data traffic at 55% in 2015. The top 20% of power users generated 59% of mobile data traffic. Download the report to read more.

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Automotive brands were the greatest early adopters of audience-targeted mobile programmatic ads, making up 49% of total ad impressions. Download the report to read more.

On Page 4 of (Q1) report:
With IoT, perhaps more than any other sector, there are heightened privacy concerns with 69% of the U.S. consumers believing they should own personal data on all internet-connected devices they own.

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Our data management platform combines the need for scale with data automation and advertising.

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We work with enterprise companies, data partners, telecom operators, and supply and demand partners to delivery first party data which is consumable, and easy to interpret, at scale.

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In the digital age, your company has a need for security and trust. We deliver this along with a promise of working only with first-party data.

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We have engineered data automation to solve the concerns which arise when your company has too much data of too many different types. Plus, we've added advertising to blend your critical data needs with your crucial assets.

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