April 18 – 21, Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall Intertrust Booth SU10002CM

At the NAB Show, we’ll be showcasing the following products for trust in the digital entertainment ecosystem – including content protection and app security – in the age of VR and drones.

  • ExpressPlay  can provide content protection during production, post-production and distribution, as well as watermarking when viewing content on devices such as laptops, VR goggles, 4K monitors and mobile. 
  • whiteCryption secures apps throughout the ecosystem – from apps controlling drones, cameras, robots and IoT devices used during production to apps used on devices such as laptops and tablets during consumer playback.
  • Personagraph helps with monetization of protected content for advertisers and content owners while respecting privacy.

Hear us speak:
  • Intertrust Chief Product Officer Tim Schaaff will be sitting on a panel debate entitled: Are you ready for the mobile video revolution?
    Time: Monday, April 18, at 3 pm
    Place: Connected Media Theater

    In this CM|IP Panel, experts will debate what the current mobile video market looks like and examine how it is likely to evolve over the next few years. There will be questions around the emerging technologies that operators in this space need to understand and the underlying mechanisms needed to deliver profitability in the new mobile-centric world.


  • Intertrust will be giving a seminar entitled: Emerging markets and content protection – not an oxymoron!          
    Time: Wednesday, April 20, at 4 pm
    Place: Connected Media Theater

    Emerging markets including China, India and others are typically considered 'pirate' markets with little or no use for content protection. Now that IP video is mainstream and the mobile revolution is upon us, it is now possible to create compelling video services for users in these markets whilst using modern content protection technologies. This session will detail unique ways that content protection is being adopted in video services in these markets as well as how major studios are taking advantage of these services to reach new markets.

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